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The industry’s fastest and most repeatable Pick & Place equipment is presented at Assembléon’s stand at Nepcon Shenzhen

The industry’s fastest and most repeatable Pick & Place equipment is presented at Assembléon’s stand at Nepcon Shenzhen (26 to 29 August, Booth 2F01). Assembléon’s A-Series has the highest available IPC 9850 placement rates of 121,000 components per hour (AX-501) with accuracies as good as 20 microns (AX-201). Together, the machines set the industry benchmark for single-figure defects per million performance – meaning the highest available First Pass Yield. They are joined at Nepcon Shenzhen by a fast new A-Series tray handler. Also on the stand is Assembléon’s MG-8R (like the AX-201, a stand-alone or end-of-line machine), which uses the same intelligent tape feeders as the A-Series.


Only Pick & Place line with true parallel placement Assembléon’s A-Series uses multiple heads employing a single pick – single place concept for true parallel placement, which has several major advantages over sequential placement machines. Smooth robot movements and constant component monitoring give single-digit defects per million performance – which means board quality levels of up to 99.999%. That allows zero-defect manufacturing for quality sensitive automotive, medical, communications and other quality driven industries. And with that, tremendous cost savings for repair and or other warranty related expenses.

Accuracy is 40 microns at 3 sigma for the AX-501, and as good as 20 microns for complex, fine-pitch and odd-form components on the AX-201. Product changeovers take typically less than 6 minutes, and the machines can be integrated into logistics control systems for integrated factory automation.

According to Assembléon’s Burkhardt Frick, VP & General Manager of Asia Pacific Region. “Our A-Series is modular, so performance is scalable without even needing to add or remove machines from production lines. It also brings a smooth transition across the whole manufacturing spectrum – from small to large batch sizes, and with all types of product mix. Rugged and reliable design makes for long life and excellent Return on Investment. Most important for customers, though, it gives the highest available board quality level (lowest defects per million figures) in the industry. That means highest First Pass Yields and correspondingly lowest scrap and rework costs – all given as performance guarantees to our customers”.

“The Asian market is increasingly recognizing the advantages of our system and many reputable companies that have evaluated the machines have named the AX-5 “the world’s best machine”. Combining that qualification with very competitive cost per placement, we are confident that more and more customers will switch to our innovative platform. And we are a truly global partner, with worldwide sales and service network and competence centers in Asia, Europe and the USA".

Wide component range for high-mix production While the AX-201 offers “end of line” capabilities for the most challenging applications, the MG-8R offers a high value alternative for most consumer type applications produced in Asia. Combined in a production line with the AX-301/501, the MG-8R offers the highest cost performance in the industry.

The MG-8R Pick & Place machine uses the same intelligent tape feeders as the A-Series platform to speed up and simplify machine setup. The MG-8R has three fully independent servo-controlled Flying Nozzle Change (FNC) heads, each carrying six nozzles. It offers placement rates up to 8.5k components per hour for chips, ICs and odd form components. Placement accuracy is 30 micron for ICs and QFPs.


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