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Cookson Electronics’ ALPHA® SACX®0807 Lead-Free Alloy Wins Award

Wins SMT-China and EM Asia Awards for Product Innovation

Cookson Electronics’ ALPHA® SACX® 0807 lead-free wave solder alloy received the SMT-China Vision award and the EM Asia Innovation award for recognition of its unique lead-free, low-silver soldering performance. ALPHA® SACX®0307 offers performance similar to SAC305 on complex, dual-sided assemblies where excellent wetting is required. It also exhibits high mechanical reliability even after high stress thermal cycling.

“We are very pleased to be the recipient of these prestigious award, and I want to thank both publications for their recognition of our product. ALPHA® SACX®0807 was developed based on the continued industry-wide customer recognition of the important role silver plays in improving soldering performance and joint reliability. This has been confirmed in the extensive testing done on this alloy both in our labs and in the field,” said Mike Murphy, Cookson’s Global Product Manager for wave solder products. “With ALPHA® SACX®0807 , assemblers of high complexity, dual-sided PCB’s used in high-end electronics products where high reliability is essential will now have a lead-free alloy that offers comparable performance to SAC305, but at a lower cost. ALPHA® SACX®0807 produces less dross and works well in the lower operating temperature processes associated with higher silver SAC alloys like SAC305.”

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