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Yamaha selling 30.000 surface mounters

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (the Company) is proud to announce that cumulative wholesales of the Company’s surface mounters (surface mount machines) reached 30,000 units (including OEM units) on June 10, 2011. The 30,000th unit sold was of the “YS24” model.

After entering the industrial robot business with machines to help mechanize its own factories, the Company began developing surface mounters (the machines that mount electrical parts and chips on printed circuit boards) as a new field of intelligent machinery business. OEM sales of these surface mounters began in 1984, followed by the launch of the first model “YM4600S” under the Yamaha brand name in 1987, marking Yamaha’s full-fledged entry in the surface mounter market. Since then the business has continued to grow, reaching cumulative wholesales of 10,000 units in February of 2001 and 20,000 units in March of 2006.

Yamaha’s surface mounters are highly acclaimed in the market for their “module concept” that enables them to keep pace with the trend toward smaller and more diverse electric/electronic parts being mounted on circuit boards today thanks to their capacity to be used not only individually but in a sequence of several units to achieve much higher levels of speed, workability and multipurpose utility. In recent years the demands in the market are for high value-added machines that help manufacturers reduce costs, use factory space more efficiently and save energy.

The Company has created a strong business in the surface mounter industry that enables design and engineering, manufacture, sales and service to be conducted in one comprehensive system.

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