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New solutions in Electronics Manufacturing discussed at 13.Esman Elektronik Seminar

From Automotive to white goods, from mobile phones to all sectors in electronics, the soldering technology and the future of electronics were discussed in the 13. Esman Elektronik seminar. There were professionals from production, service side of the industry, R&D engineers. All new approaches were shared with participants by Gilbert Renaud of Alpha one of the most known world-famous SMT electronic manufacturing process technology experts.

He said that this year in parallel with the rapid development of the seminar's technology built on changing paradigms in electronics manufacturing Esman Elektronik Manager Director Hüseyin Türkkan, "Traditionally one held last 2 years and our goal is the event we are preparing a congress concept to add value by transferring innovations in the Turkish electronics industry engineers working in our technology and manufacturing world. White goods to automotive, television, military electronics today a $ 10 billion with large labor in electronic components or finished products, we take great pleasure to welcome our engineers and officials close to 200 brand contributes immensely to the country's economy, "he said.
Turkey and other countries that compete in the same arena in electronic production and stating that there is no lack of Türkkan, "the industry today compared with 30 years ago, we have come a long way. Domestic production is growing rapidly. Turkish engineers in this process is undertaking an important project. Development of electronic production in Turkey compared to other countries, and we transform large compared to other countries. Esman Elektronik as these events we organize, we fictionalize in order to deliver high value added products and solutions for our engineers. In the world of the production of our events involving prominent speakers service, our side the industry from R&D engineers and saving as well as the development of high quality products, we are transferring our entire know-how to use new techniques and technologies, "he said.

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