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Since 1979 Esman Elektronik is the far number one solution partner to the Turkish Electronics Manufacturing Industry.  The company is located in Istanbul Cengelkoy providing technical support and service; retail sales of Capital Equipment, Consumables and Tools.

About us

Esman Elektronik not only represent the world industry leaders in electronics manufacturing equipment in Turkey but also with its dedicated engineering team of 35 provides technical support to the customers.

Solarex'14 fuarı sona erdi...
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Solarex Güneş Enerjisi ve Teknolojileri fuarı 10-12 Nisan 2014 tarihleri arasında İstanbul Fuar Merkezinde düzenlendi. Bu yıl ilk kez katıldığımız fuarda fotovoltaik panel ve hücre üretimi için çözümlerimizi sunmak üzere uluslararası salondaki standımızda ziyaretçilerimizi ağırladık.


NEW! 6TL engineering representation

6TL engineering based in Barcelona Spain, as a division of S.A. Sistel, is an innovative systems engineering company with solid experience in test systems. For more information please go to We are happy to be a representative for 6TL engineering.

Quick soldering irons available with our added value!

Esman Elektronik Inc. announces that they are the supplier of Quick soldering irons and tips in Turkey. Please click for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries.

Representing Yxlon Int.

 Since May 2010 Esman Elektronik Inc. starts representing YXLON International who offers X-ray and CT based non-destructive testing systems and services all over the world. For further information you are very welcome to visit companies web site :